Welcome to my Web site / Blog, a place I have created to share the knowledge I have accumulated over the years and hopefully get other's to do the same.

Due to my own experience this site is slanted towards the IT world of Project Management however, there is a lot of general PM knowledge here that anyone is welcome to use.  Check my reviews on latest technology that help Project Manager with their daily tasks.  

NOT FOR SALE - the mission of this site is to share unbiased information about what matters in the world of Project Management, all information is freely shared, any product recommendations are strictly due to experience and not as marketing scheme.

There are four basic sections:

Blog a section where I post information I have gathered through research and experience.  I will update at irregular intervals.   If you have any questions please email me, I will research it and post the answers, usually within two or three days.  

Documents section, here you can find templates and examples of prescribed Project management documents, such as Charters, Business Cases, PM Plans, WBS' and more.

I also have a section for those trying to pass the PMP exam.  Currently there is a summarized version of thePMBOK 4th edition, as well as further charts and examples I used to help me pass the test.  I am currently working on the 5th edition.

Finally a section about me, some of my personal thoughts, as well as a list of my en-devours and qualifications.

Please leave me your comments and questions, all will help me make this site better.